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Aaron Pierce is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and sequential artist out of South Florida.

Aaron Pierce is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and sequential artist out of South Florida.

Aaron Pierce is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and sequential artist out of South Florida. He has been doing some form of artistic expression since he was old enough to hold a pencil and has developed a passion for creating throughout the years.

Early on, his interested stayed firmly in the comic book realm of expression, putting together his own ‘zine at the age of 10. This was far from anything resembling a published work, but it was his first step into something that would be a major part of his life later on.

Aaron spent a large amount of time picking up every art book he could find, pouring over the details and measurements to try and better his artistic ventures. His proudest moment as a teenager was completing one of the Joe Kubert’s correspondence courses. In 2003, he began attending classes for Graphic Design. Eventually, his focus moved to film-making, and – as is often the case today – left college for a career in something completely different: Information Technology.


For a long while, Aaron kept his art and design as a hobby, pursuing IT as a career until finally he couldn’t ignore has passion anymore. In the last several years, Aaron has returned to Graphic Design, Illustration, and Sequential Art. He started with Ten2Midnight, a web comic written by Kitty Don and Illustrated by him. That creative team has moved on to work on Sancte, a new book that should see print in the next year. He has also helped to develop the look and feel for several websites, and worked on advertising campaigns for the books he’s helped develop.

He’s also worked with local publishers such as Cosmic Times and the now-disbanded FacePalm Comic to help bolster his experience and skills by leveraging his education in design and cinematography to tell engaging stories. He’s currently working on his own projects and freelance, while trying to establish a presence in the South Florida art scene.


Aaron is actively involved in the comic book community in South Florida and is looking forward to several new projects coming in the next few years, at least one of which will be a story of buy viagra his own. He currently lives in West Palm Beach with his girlfriend, her three kids, and their 5 dogs. The amount of time he currently spends covered in pencil dust and India ink couldn’t make him happier.

Please feel free to contact me at: http://aarpieart.com or https://www.facebook.com/aarpieart

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