• Aug : 8 : 2014 - Jamie Kapp FreeLance Artist of J-Popsicles ArtWorks Will Be at Creator Owned Expo, Saturday August 9th, 2014
  • Aug : 8 : 2014 - Jason Felip – Fashion and Beauty Photographer Will Be Attending Creator Owned Expo, Saturday August 9th, 2014!!!
  • Aug : 8 : 2014 - Travis Scotka (Photographer) Joins Creator Owned Expo Saturday August 9th,2014!!!
  • Aug : 7 : 2014 - Super Girls of Cosplay – Gotta Catch Em’ All!!! at Creator Owned Expo This Saturday August 9th, 2014
  • Aug : 6 : 2014 - J.D. Netto, Author of “Whispers of The Fallen” Joins Creator Owned Expo August 9th, 2014!!!
Irving Santiago of Ultra-Con, Miami’s Own Hot Toy Convention.

Irving Santiago of Ultra-Con, Miami’s Own Hot Toy Convention.

Ultra-Con, Miami’s Own Hot Toy Convention. This Convention features Hot Wheels; Vintage Sports Cards; Avengers and Iron Man products; Star Trek products and toys; Comic Books; Hundreds of 3-3/4 inch G.I.Joe figures & vehicles, as well as Action Man toys and vehicles from the early 80′s; Vintage Gi Joe’s From The 1960′s & 1970′s; United Kingdom Action Man From The 1960′s & 1970′s; Star Wars Old (Kenner Line 1977-86 (movie to Ewoks and Droids)) & Modern(Kenner/Hasbro (movie to expanded universe to McQuarrie concept line and beyond) figures and vehicles (includes vintage line); Monsters Old & New; Godzilla; Transformers (all lines from Generation 1 to TF Prime:Beast Hunters); Dragonball Z; Power Rangers; Marvel Universe figures ranging from the Toy Biz line (including Legends line) to Hasbro’s current line (including the new Legends line); DC Action Figures from both DC Direct and Mattel, as well as the 5 inch Super Powers line from Kenner; more miscellaneous Action Figures.



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  1. Annette Rodriguez says:

    I attended Irvin Santiago’s Ultra Con last weekend with my Family and we had a BLAST!! really GREAT time! Mike “The Wolverine Rio was there signing autographs & taking pictures with everyone! “WHAT A GREAT GUY!!!” So was Actor Tom Stedham of Burn Notice, The Glades and a lot more TV shows (can’t name them all)but was also there signing autographs & taking pictures! it was GREAT!! We bought sooooo much cool collectables and stuff! We meet GREAT people! we won a couple of Raffled Art designs by “GREAT” Artist! Steve Lydic & Carlos Hernandez The costume contest was GREAT and sooo much fun!! Can’t wait until October for his next one! LOVE IT!!!!!!

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